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Monday, August 30, 2010

Making real progress

And I couldn't be happier about it! This is coming along great. I went from four pages to eight, from 1800 words to 4200 words and I don't feel like my writing juices are tapped out yet! Were it not midnight-thirty here and had I not been out all night last night, thus preventing myself from getting anywhere NEAR enough sleep, I would probably be staying up to write more...

BUT I'm going to bed =) Happy with myself and a job well done, I think.

This is a new story too so as usually I'm excited about it. This one as been unfolding rather nicely though I must say. Maybe we'll finally even produce a full draft this time! Yes!? =) It's the shapeshifter piece I've finally been trying to put to pen only it changed quite a bit as I hashed it out. Instead of a male shifter it's female. The bare bones idea reminds me of The Little Mermaid, actually. Kind of an interesting comparison if you have no idea what my story is really about I'm sure. Which, none of you do, so...

Anyway, GOODNIGHT. I'm giong to sleep like a baby in the womb tonight. Hopefully more writing is going to be on its way tomorrow.

OH, as well as my replacement Nook! I forgot to share that my precious Nookie (that's right!) crapped out on me. Luckily it's a manufacture booboo so it's being replaced for me, totally free of charge. I was scared for a while there that I'd have to spring for a brand new one out of pocket. But yeah it should be coming tomorrow if all goes well, which I hope it does because I've really been wanting to try out some other Charlene Taglia lately. (Very dirty woman!)

Anyway for real this time... GOODNIGHT!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

More Gena Showalter promos and some updates of my own

I truly appreciate everyone's support after the accident last Wednesday and I'm glad to say it's gotten better. Still some twinges here and there but if it's not gone in a few days, which I'm sure it will be, I'll go back in. Wish me luck with that claims adjuster tomorrow if you would, I'm nervous for my meeting with him. I just hope he's nice because I'm not planning on lying so I hope he doesn't bullshit me either.

Anyway, in literary news I have been writing again. I hadn't done anything in a while (bad Heather) but when I picked up my Angel story today I was able to start something fresh. It's working so far, I'm hoping it goes well.

I came up with a short summary of a new idea I thought of earlier today as well about a shapeshifter. I've been wanting to do a shapeshifter story for a while now and this one sounds really good to me! I'll be working on developing that one the next few days as well.

Okay so down to business, there are more Gena Showalter promo contests to be won! I hope that all of you will help me out in winning and also help me help to spread the word about her up and coming book, Unraveled! Here is a banner for your clicking pleasure. And feel free to click the ones located to the right and bottom of my blog here too! Clicking the banner is how I gain points to win!

A new release by Gena Showalter

Monday, August 23, 2010


Last Wednesday my kids and I were on our way to the mall with my sister in law JoAnn when we stopped at a cross walk for a man on a bike, not even two minutes from our destination. One minute I was looking at my phone and the next my head was thrown into the back of my seat and my kids and I were crying. Jo and I looked at each other and I'm sure we said a lot of "Oh my Gods" and "What the fucks" in the process. I remember saying "My babies!" and getting out and opening the back door up to grab my son. He was crying and I asked my daughter if she was okay and I remember not wanting to go to her side to get her out because she was on the side of traffic and I felt worried about getting her hit. I was holding my baby and crying and I don't remember what happened after that. When I came back around I was sitting on the side walk and there were EMT's and cops around me and I had no freaking clue what was going on. I saw Jo and everything and started balling, I searched for the memories and couldn't find them. I told them I had no idea what was going on, I told Jo I don't remember being with her and that I hadn't seen her in months (and before earlier that evening it had been true) and I didn't remember being in an accident. The back of my head hurt and I remember repeating it a lot. I had cut my hair the day before and didn't have any memory of doing it, I asked Jo if it looked good, hah. (She said yes.) Everything felt like a weird dream, I don't know when it came back to me but I did remember leaving with Jo and leaving for the mall eventually, but I still don't remember the time from holding my son to getting to the side walk. It was scary as hell, I hope I NEVER experience anything like that again.

My son's Godmama, Ceci, took us to the ER later that night to be checked out. The kids were fine, THANK GOD, no bumps or bruises or owies to speak of - though none of us were checked incredibly thoroughly, it would have been obvious if something were wrong with them. The doctor said I experienced a concussion and memory loss and my pain should peak by day 2 and then steadily get better. He said if it doesn't get better or if it gets worse, then I could have internal bleeding. What a scary thought, but thank God I have gotten better. I wasn't able to function or sleep normally for a few days but the kids were also still fine. I can do and move way more than I was able to 2 days ago or 1 day ago but I'm still sore and I still have a little pain throughout but I'm glad to not be miserable anymore. I had to sit up by holding my head so I didn't have to strain it at ALL or it felt like death. Things have definitely gotten much better.

I called the billing folks at St. Fran and got all the billing information sorted out so it's billed to the guy who hit us, that's all I was hoping for. Apparently though the 3 of us are entitled to compensation for "the inconvenience of even being in the accident" and the claims adjuster is coming to meet with me on Thursday to 'access' things. I'll be happy with anything but in my opinion we deserve what we're "entitled" to. My first reaction after the impact was "Oh my God my kids necks just snapped." I was SCARED. My babies were SCARED and crying and should not have had to deal with that, it makes me want to cry thinking about it now. And then to top it off I experienced my first concussion and amnesia - ALSO SCARY. I was in pain for days and could hardly move. I had to refuse meds in the ER because I am the one who watches my kids, I have to be completely coherent and attentive to them. I took some over the counter stuff for the pain before bed but it was still hard to fall asleep.

I'm just so glad it's over, and I'll be thankful when this claim crap is over too. Whatever we get in settlement will be a good start to a savings and I decided that when we do get a car, we're getting an SUV!!!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Just Write

Knowing that I don't have the luxury of only writing when I particularly feel like it if I want to be a professional author is a great benefit in my opinion.

I have 8,827 words right now and if I hadn't neglected my quota the other night, I would have at least a thousand more. I need to get out of this habit I have of not touching my netbook all day and then staying up all night to meet it. I guess if that is what works for me I should be thankful there is something. Tonight isn't a good night to wait until 11:22 to start writing however, because at 8 in the morning I have to start getting ready for my garage sale at 9. I'm NOT looking forward to this and all I can say is, I pray we make a lot of money. August kind of just snuck up on us and it is for whatever cosmic reason, a rather expensive month.

Oh but I got The Bodyguard in the mail today from Lorie O'Clare, autographed =) I was very excited about that and I can't wait to read it.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Seven Five Seven Two

I have 7,572 words now and I'm happy to say this is day three of making my one-thousand-words-a-day quota. Go me!

I've been looking into self-publishing sites and so far I'm interesting in Lulu and Smashwords and it makes me ever more excited to finish it up with my novels! I think I'll start on Smashwords as eBooks and then after I get a handful sold and commented on I will perk it up for print. Sounds like an incredibly exciting idea to me and definitely keeps me going =)

I am also trying to stick to just one writing project at a time. I love my Angel and I miss him terribly but I guess now just isn't the right time for him. I still have great faith in the ideas but the story it self is hard to develope. Plus being able to devote all of my writing time to one project is really getting things done! I have only typed at this story a half a dozen times and I already have 14 pages and over 7500 words. It's working out great for me to have time to focus on it, even if it does mean I don't get to bed till after 1AM every night!

Speaking of which, it's bedtime. It's 12:44, I'm getting to bed early tonight! ;-)

Monday, August 9, 2010

A Thousand a Day

I'm up to 5,300 words now on my gothic piece and I'm really pleased with how well it's going. I have ten full pages and five chapters, not sure how that will pan out but for now it's fine. My husband keeps trying to tell me two pages per chapter is too little but it truly doesn't matter as long as it works. And it does work so far. I made a goal for myself to write at least a thousand words a day and with a good outlined story like this I believe that will be easy enough. It's a 12 page outline and after my ten pages/5300 words/five chapters I am not even done with the first page yet. It should be pretty lengthy if I do this right.

I'm finally getting to the real good stuff in the story so I should get back to it!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Bronte Sisters Speak

I'm going to make this quick because it's after midnight and I'm fading fast.

I finished a detailed outline of a new gothic piece I'm working on and when I started my research tonight I was just stunned! I had to seek out two buildings to fashion my story homes after, and both of them were apparently used in the Bronte sisters' novels! I DID NOT KNOW THAT WHEN I CHOOSE THEM! It is just so weird and I'm taking it as a sign that I'm on the right literary track.

I have a good and strong feeling about this story. I wanted to finish the outline rewrite before bed, so I don't lose my train of thought but I feel too tired to get through it.

Anyway, goodnight.