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Monday, October 11, 2010

New Projects

I've been working on a supernatural YA novel the past few days. Right now I'm just working on outlining and plotting. My husband also gave me a great idea for something fun maybe it'll be a short story.

Just been busy with life again lately and haven't been writing or blogging much. I'm going to get back to it right now!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Publishing Revelation

I told myself I wasn't going to post more than once in a day anymore but I'm going to make an exception for this. I set a new goal tonight and I think it's very important I make it loud and clear right now.

I'm setting a deadline for myself. By March 2011 I will have my first novel completed, revised and then published.

Self publication is okay with me -more than okay. Whatever it takes I will get it done. As long as I take the deadline seriously it should be smoothe sailing. Who doesn't thrive under a little [self inflicted] pressure?

Monday, September 27, 2010

EXCERPT: Prophecy - Bargaining

Here is the excerpt I previously mentioned was posted on


At first she thought she was dreaming but then she heard it again, that same low and ominous voice. It seemed a carnivorous snarl as the sound reverberated through the room.

“Lillux, wake up.”

She sat up in bed and surveyed the room. Thankfully her Demon senses kept her from being handicapped by the lack of light, but still she saw nothing. She stood up to see that Dallan was still soundly asleep and clearly heard nothing, and she waited to see if she would hear it again.

“Come here,” the voice coldly instructed. She left the room following the voice’s origin and rounded the corner back out to the parking lot where the car was. She looked around and appeared to be alone when suddenly there came a smell… A very distinctly pungent and familiar scent she quickly recognized as her Boss. It was not unlike that of a slaughterhouse smell; rancid and reeking with death. It felt like eons since she’d been in his presence. Panic grew inside her as she thought about all the ways in which he would surely make her suffer for her massive blunder.

A light brushing on her back abruptly suspended her thoughts and hastily she swung around to find herself face to face with the manager of the motel. She would have been taken aback if she didn’t already know of her Boss’s ability to seize the form of humans. Those who were not without great sin were of the easiest to possess. It had her wondering about the life of the man who now stood before her, though it was of no consequence.

“You’ve been a naughty girl, Lillux.” He said gruesomely, trailing a fingernail down his cheek. His other arm folded over his chest. “If it were not for those telltale dreams of his it could have taken me longer to find you.”

She directed her eyes toward the busted up asphalt ground under her feet.
“Your Grace… Please--”

“Forgive you?” He interjected, starting to circle around her like a vulture waiting for a stray animal, death eminent. “It looks to me as if you’ve already chosen whose side you’re on.” He scoffed at her. The superior weight of his words nearly crushed her larynx.

It only took being in his mere presence. Already she felt her old-self returning to the surface, clawing at her conscience for release. As her fear ate away the humanity being with Dallan had given her, it was replaced with the iniquity she had started out with. She was momentarily surprised by how swiftly it came but she was in no position -literally- to question anything at the moment.

“I chose wrong, Your Grace,” she croaked. It was as simple as that.

"That just won't do then will it, pet?" He stopped circling and planted himself behind her, Lillux still staring at the ground ahead. She could hear his nostrils flare as he inhaled deeply, smelling the Herbal Essences she had used on her hair in the shower the evening before.

"You've become spoiled on this plane, I see. Too long have you enjoyed all that mortals have come to love. It's clear now I was mistaken to trust you with this task, and that disappoints me greatly in you." A pause. "You."

His words themselves were enough to disown her, as if that hadn't already happened. As he spoke the words breeched her core like a searing rod into a flame and it broke her spirit. Whatever spirit a demon had, anyway. She was Big Red's right hand woman for hundreds of years. Long enough even though she wasn't nearly as old as most of the big-wigs of the Underground and Red had often said it was something he loved to hate about her. Her youth made her more aggressive and eager to please but with that came a degree of immaturity and insolence. Still he had trusted her to lead mission after mission without cause for fail and now here she stood, ashamed to have ever admitted love for a human man. A former angel to top it off.

"Are we thinking about our Mr. Cruz still?" he probed, as if knowing where her mind was. She fought with herself as to how to reply, not knowing what he would want to hear most, and also not knowing what was the most truthful. She did believe she had loved him, and maybe she still did underneath all of her demonic interiors. But she wouldn't want to tell Red that. No way.

"I'm sorry your Grace my mind is elsewhere right now, but Dallan is not at the forefront of my worries." Okay, noncommittal enough, she supposed. "I've been hurting since you have forsaken me." And definitely not a lie.

A calloused hand appeared on her shoulders and Lillux felt hot, tainted breath on her neck. The strands of her hair moving to and from with the motion of his breathing and it sent shivers down her spine. Her eyes rolled closed and she moaned, remembering. It felt like old times. Ecstasy in the arms of her Big Red lover. Even though she knew the man grasping her was someone else she could still remember the tantalizing sight of him. Contrary to popular belief he was not red, though Big Red was always her favorite name for him. Her name for him. In return he simply called her pet. A name she had come to adore. He didn't have horns or a tail either, but could he manifest them if he wanted? For sure. Often times she'd seen him with wings but never knew why, he didn't have to fly anywhere. He could just teleport. Anywhere within the reaches of Hell he could appear at will. Crossing over planes into Earth however was more of a challenge and he couldn't even get into Heaven, naturally.

The borrowed hands slowly massaged and rubbed their way all over her neck and shoulders, eventually moving up the sides of her face, then fingers ran through her Cherry Blossom scented hair. She leaned her head into his palm and a breathy sigh creeped from her lips.

"I want you back, my Lillux," he whispered into her ear, raspy and sensual yet intimidatingly commanding. "I came to make you an offer,” he said, those hands never ceasing their ministrations. “I couldn't let you go without a fight. And not because of my generosity but of my affections for you."

Then the massaging stopped and Lillux was compelled to open her eyes. He’d glided around to stand in front of her, those golden eyes of the Devil gleaming behind his mortal mask. In only the presence of his spirit the memory of him was so overwhelming that she could actually see him, and no longer saw the man he possessed.

Her arms drooped to her side with abandon. Her legs all but buckled beneath her. A handsome fiend he was. Strong and muscular with fair features despite his depictions and folklore. Blonde straight hair long enough to fit into a pony-tail and the most fierce golden almond shaped eyes. She reveled at the long forgotten sight of him... Dallan who? she thought.

"What, uh... do you want?" She pounded out between harsh breaths. She was so stricken she completely forgot her formalities.

A vicious grin broke out across his face. A dark laughter erupted from his throat.

"That's my pet," he said, stroking her hair. "I will reinstate your status, and you will join me once again. Fight only for my cause, beside me where you belong." He nipped at her chin with his thumb and index finger, much like an annoying aunt would to a little child.

"If...?" she kept it going.

"You need to rejoin the mission at hand and carry out my order. With out fail, this time. Or I won't be so gracious in my punishment." He emphasized his words intricately for her. The Devil doesn’t appreciate buyers remorse and he ensures a simple bond between him and his business partners. Because that’s what this was now, a business deal. As much as she hated to admit it, their relationship would never be the same. She’d messed up beyond repair in his eyes. You damned fool.

All the same the offer was mouth-watering. She didn't have a flicker of doubt that she would take it, and she would not fail this time. She was 100% confident she could do this and would enjoy the fruits of her labor with Red at his throne again, even if it were different now. Whatever meant escaping from her wretched feelings for Dallan, and his teacher’s pet tag-along. Deal!

"Anything you wish, Red, I wish it too." And just like that she was back. An electrifying jolt pulsated through her body and she convulsed briefly with intense, searing pain. She let out a screeching cry - which surprisingly nobody seemed to hear even considering the time of morning.

When her pain and body movements subsided she was stunned at how great and renewed she felt! This was the best it'd ever been! Her powers were back in full force and just to prove it she shot a large string of energy out of her fingertips to a tree at the end of the lot. Flashes of lightning yellow burst into it and it cracked and capsized. Lillux jumped up and down in excitement, like the little girl she was. Shut up Lillux! Strap on your big-girl horns.

"Oh Red, I feel amazing!" She came to a halt and looked him in the eyes. His eyes. "I won't let you down this time. I will get the job done. If I have to cut his head off myself I will do it."

He was laughing now, clearly amused by that same childlike eagerness he used to find endearing before. "You will leave his head to me, my pet. Though your newly rediscovered need to please will come in very, very handy." He drew his words out, gave her a sinister wink. "I have to go. I feel this body dying around me and I must get out of it. There's one more thing I need to share with you now, Lillux." His tone grew deep and serious as it had before. Her eyes widened with attentiveness.

"I need you to help me with this little part of the Prophecy,” he laced his fingers together and twiddled his thumbs, as casual as ever. “It escaped us before, you see. It was so clever of Him to disguise the little witch, but we now know who she is and what must be done."

Her jaw dropped and her eyes grew to ten times their normal size. (Figuratively.) The third key player in the Prophecy… They knew who it was? Her team had been searching for months, following every lead they could get their claws and talons and beaks on and still nothing turned up. Not even any points in the general direction. There were simply no signs of who the witch could be or where on the globe she possibly was.

Before she could even take a guess Big Red leaned in, kissed her on the forehead and in a flash of light time stood still. It blinded her to the point of shielding her eyes with her forearm, squinting as if gazing directly into the sun. She saw nothing.

And then there, as clear as day was the one who bared the Gift of God. She gasped in astonishment as she saw then what must be done. She would do it too.

And then the vision was over; and her Devil was gone.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Nifty little site

I discovered this website called through Chelsea's blog, and it really is a nifty little thing! I joined so I could stick the read titles widget onto my blog (if you look to your right...) and while browsing on there I found an author I had read was a member. Christopher Buecheler has a free eBook on the website that I downloaded for my Nook a while back. Haven't finished it yet, but ya know what, I do plan to. It just wasn't what I was hoping to read at the time, I guess. (I found this guy all over the damn web tonight, too! Into photography as well. Found him on Flickr and Twitter. Gotta give it up for him though!)

Anyway, I went ahead and posted an excerpt of my infamous Angel story. I'm really wondering what people on there are going to think of it. More than anything I wish I could just get back to writing it already! Haven't I suffered long enough? I even prayed to dream about him the other night. My husband and I had just watched Daybreakers though and unfortunately, I did have vampire dreams. Vampires and high school. BAH.

Anywayyyyy, it is officially way past my bedtime and I am going to bed. If anyone is curious to find me on this Good website here is my posted excerpt.

Oh and I almost forgot to mention that I am up to 17,717 words and chapter eight on Prey For Love. (Hehehe. What a cliche romance title.) Go me!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Brief Update

Don't have the time for an extensive entry but I feel like it's been way too long..

Right now I'm up to 15,770 words and seven chapters in my most recent WIP. If I get a minute today I also feel like trying to take antoher stab at my Angel story but I'm not holding myself to it.

Back to writing while I have the chance!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Making real progress

And I couldn't be happier about it! This is coming along great. I went from four pages to eight, from 1800 words to 4200 words and I don't feel like my writing juices are tapped out yet! Were it not midnight-thirty here and had I not been out all night last night, thus preventing myself from getting anywhere NEAR enough sleep, I would probably be staying up to write more...

BUT I'm going to bed =) Happy with myself and a job well done, I think.

This is a new story too so as usually I'm excited about it. This one as been unfolding rather nicely though I must say. Maybe we'll finally even produce a full draft this time! Yes!? =) It's the shapeshifter piece I've finally been trying to put to pen only it changed quite a bit as I hashed it out. Instead of a male shifter it's female. The bare bones idea reminds me of The Little Mermaid, actually. Kind of an interesting comparison if you have no idea what my story is really about I'm sure. Which, none of you do, so...

Anyway, GOODNIGHT. I'm giong to sleep like a baby in the womb tonight. Hopefully more writing is going to be on its way tomorrow.

OH, as well as my replacement Nook! I forgot to share that my precious Nookie (that's right!) crapped out on me. Luckily it's a manufacture booboo so it's being replaced for me, totally free of charge. I was scared for a while there that I'd have to spring for a brand new one out of pocket. But yeah it should be coming tomorrow if all goes well, which I hope it does because I've really been wanting to try out some other Charlene Taglia lately. (Very dirty woman!)

Anyway for real this time... GOODNIGHT!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

More Gena Showalter promos and some updates of my own

I truly appreciate everyone's support after the accident last Wednesday and I'm glad to say it's gotten better. Still some twinges here and there but if it's not gone in a few days, which I'm sure it will be, I'll go back in. Wish me luck with that claims adjuster tomorrow if you would, I'm nervous for my meeting with him. I just hope he's nice because I'm not planning on lying so I hope he doesn't bullshit me either.

Anyway, in literary news I have been writing again. I hadn't done anything in a while (bad Heather) but when I picked up my Angel story today I was able to start something fresh. It's working so far, I'm hoping it goes well.

I came up with a short summary of a new idea I thought of earlier today as well about a shapeshifter. I've been wanting to do a shapeshifter story for a while now and this one sounds really good to me! I'll be working on developing that one the next few days as well.

Okay so down to business, there are more Gena Showalter promo contests to be won! I hope that all of you will help me out in winning and also help me help to spread the word about her up and coming book, Unraveled! Here is a banner for your clicking pleasure. And feel free to click the ones located to the right and bottom of my blog here too! Clicking the banner is how I gain points to win!

A new release by Gena Showalter

Monday, August 23, 2010


Last Wednesday my kids and I were on our way to the mall with my sister in law JoAnn when we stopped at a cross walk for a man on a bike, not even two minutes from our destination. One minute I was looking at my phone and the next my head was thrown into the back of my seat and my kids and I were crying. Jo and I looked at each other and I'm sure we said a lot of "Oh my Gods" and "What the fucks" in the process. I remember saying "My babies!" and getting out and opening the back door up to grab my son. He was crying and I asked my daughter if she was okay and I remember not wanting to go to her side to get her out because she was on the side of traffic and I felt worried about getting her hit. I was holding my baby and crying and I don't remember what happened after that. When I came back around I was sitting on the side walk and there were EMT's and cops around me and I had no freaking clue what was going on. I saw Jo and everything and started balling, I searched for the memories and couldn't find them. I told them I had no idea what was going on, I told Jo I don't remember being with her and that I hadn't seen her in months (and before earlier that evening it had been true) and I didn't remember being in an accident. The back of my head hurt and I remember repeating it a lot. I had cut my hair the day before and didn't have any memory of doing it, I asked Jo if it looked good, hah. (She said yes.) Everything felt like a weird dream, I don't know when it came back to me but I did remember leaving with Jo and leaving for the mall eventually, but I still don't remember the time from holding my son to getting to the side walk. It was scary as hell, I hope I NEVER experience anything like that again.

My son's Godmama, Ceci, took us to the ER later that night to be checked out. The kids were fine, THANK GOD, no bumps or bruises or owies to speak of - though none of us were checked incredibly thoroughly, it would have been obvious if something were wrong with them. The doctor said I experienced a concussion and memory loss and my pain should peak by day 2 and then steadily get better. He said if it doesn't get better or if it gets worse, then I could have internal bleeding. What a scary thought, but thank God I have gotten better. I wasn't able to function or sleep normally for a few days but the kids were also still fine. I can do and move way more than I was able to 2 days ago or 1 day ago but I'm still sore and I still have a little pain throughout but I'm glad to not be miserable anymore. I had to sit up by holding my head so I didn't have to strain it at ALL or it felt like death. Things have definitely gotten much better.

I called the billing folks at St. Fran and got all the billing information sorted out so it's billed to the guy who hit us, that's all I was hoping for. Apparently though the 3 of us are entitled to compensation for "the inconvenience of even being in the accident" and the claims adjuster is coming to meet with me on Thursday to 'access' things. I'll be happy with anything but in my opinion we deserve what we're "entitled" to. My first reaction after the impact was "Oh my God my kids necks just snapped." I was SCARED. My babies were SCARED and crying and should not have had to deal with that, it makes me want to cry thinking about it now. And then to top it off I experienced my first concussion and amnesia - ALSO SCARY. I was in pain for days and could hardly move. I had to refuse meds in the ER because I am the one who watches my kids, I have to be completely coherent and attentive to them. I took some over the counter stuff for the pain before bed but it was still hard to fall asleep.

I'm just so glad it's over, and I'll be thankful when this claim crap is over too. Whatever we get in settlement will be a good start to a savings and I decided that when we do get a car, we're getting an SUV!!!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Just Write

Knowing that I don't have the luxury of only writing when I particularly feel like it if I want to be a professional author is a great benefit in my opinion.

I have 8,827 words right now and if I hadn't neglected my quota the other night, I would have at least a thousand more. I need to get out of this habit I have of not touching my netbook all day and then staying up all night to meet it. I guess if that is what works for me I should be thankful there is something. Tonight isn't a good night to wait until 11:22 to start writing however, because at 8 in the morning I have to start getting ready for my garage sale at 9. I'm NOT looking forward to this and all I can say is, I pray we make a lot of money. August kind of just snuck up on us and it is for whatever cosmic reason, a rather expensive month.

Oh but I got The Bodyguard in the mail today from Lorie O'Clare, autographed =) I was very excited about that and I can't wait to read it.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Seven Five Seven Two

I have 7,572 words now and I'm happy to say this is day three of making my one-thousand-words-a-day quota. Go me!

I've been looking into self-publishing sites and so far I'm interesting in Lulu and Smashwords and it makes me ever more excited to finish it up with my novels! I think I'll start on Smashwords as eBooks and then after I get a handful sold and commented on I will perk it up for print. Sounds like an incredibly exciting idea to me and definitely keeps me going =)

I am also trying to stick to just one writing project at a time. I love my Angel and I miss him terribly but I guess now just isn't the right time for him. I still have great faith in the ideas but the story it self is hard to develope. Plus being able to devote all of my writing time to one project is really getting things done! I have only typed at this story a half a dozen times and I already have 14 pages and over 7500 words. It's working out great for me to have time to focus on it, even if it does mean I don't get to bed till after 1AM every night!

Speaking of which, it's bedtime. It's 12:44, I'm getting to bed early tonight! ;-)

Monday, August 9, 2010

A Thousand a Day

I'm up to 5,300 words now on my gothic piece and I'm really pleased with how well it's going. I have ten full pages and five chapters, not sure how that will pan out but for now it's fine. My husband keeps trying to tell me two pages per chapter is too little but it truly doesn't matter as long as it works. And it does work so far. I made a goal for myself to write at least a thousand words a day and with a good outlined story like this I believe that will be easy enough. It's a 12 page outline and after my ten pages/5300 words/five chapters I am not even done with the first page yet. It should be pretty lengthy if I do this right.

I'm finally getting to the real good stuff in the story so I should get back to it!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Bronte Sisters Speak

I'm going to make this quick because it's after midnight and I'm fading fast.

I finished a detailed outline of a new gothic piece I'm working on and when I started my research tonight I was just stunned! I had to seek out two buildings to fashion my story homes after, and both of them were apparently used in the Bronte sisters' novels! I DID NOT KNOW THAT WHEN I CHOOSE THEM! It is just so weird and I'm taking it as a sign that I'm on the right literary track.

I have a good and strong feeling about this story. I wanted to finish the outline rewrite before bed, so I don't lose my train of thought but I feel too tired to get through it.

Anyway, goodnight.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Romeo & Juliet Syndrome

I started and finished a detailed outline for a short story this afternoon. I should be working on actually writing it right now but I'm chatting away and playing on the internet instead!

It's about a serious and deeply in love couple who stumble upon tragedy and never quite recover from it. The work-in-progress title of this one is "Romeo & Juliet" but hopefully the right one comes to me by time the first draft is done. Eventually I want to beef it up and expand it into a full length novel and I don't think that will be hard at all. As I was writing the outline the ideas and sequences were coming to me so easily and I actually had to hold back to keep it a short story. I'm calling this strategy the 'ultimate outline' but we'll see how it goes.

Sunday, July 25, 2010


I worked a bit on Prophecy last night and came up with some new ideas along the way. There is going to be some serious re-writing done to my baby but I'm going to be open to what needs to be done. I just need to get through it and see where it all comes out.

In order to get some more finished stories under my belt I was thinking about writing some shorts. I mean why not, right? I worked on a really neat idea which I got from a great game of Balderdash one night, and I'm thinking about picking that one up again. My mom came up with it and it was really eerie and unique. The turn was for a movie title. I can't remember which.

Speaking of movies I just watched Misery with my husband and I'm just slightly wigged out. I think the worst part of all of it for me was that the Annie character was a baby murderer. BABIES. It makes me want to go run and squeeze my babies so tight even at just the thought. Damn you, Stephen King, for having such a compelling and psychotic mind! =P

Friday, July 23, 2010

A lil of This...

For inspiration I treated myself to a great new spiral notebook from Barnes and Noble today. I NEED to stop going into that store before rent is due, darn it. (But I hope it works!)

I'm still really excited to get my autographed book in the mail, I hope it's soon! I was really tempted to buy The Bodyguard today but I think I'm going to buy it autographed from Lorie O'Clare instead.

When Mike gets home I'm going to take myself on a run, hopefully while I'm there I can clear my head and get to thinking about my Angel. I've missed him lately... I wrote out an outline the other day for Prophecy and it hit me that I really don't have much further to go! I have to go back and add more to the beginning of course but the end is actually in sight and that feels so encouraging. If I hardly had any words or pages under my belt at this point I don't know how great I would feel. If I can just get through this first draft I will be free to start gutting it.

Now... Must go make my ass write!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Rose by Any Other Name

The other day I spent the majority of my free time building a Mac website for my writing, under a pen name a friend helped me come up with and now I'm wondering if a pen name is even what I want to do. I like the idea of being able to sit back without worry of personal recognition, security and I just think it'd be an added appeal to being published -- not quite sure why. But anyway, I really like this blog that I've started for myself and since I've been posting my work under this my real name already I don't know what kind of conflict it will cause me or not.

Basically, I don't know if I should continue on with my real name or start this game over with a new one. I swear my obnoxious indecisiveness will be the end of me!

In other news... I printed off the entire draft of my Prophecy piece and ran out of ink in the process. Six pages are in lavender as a result. I've been going through and editing it but thanks to my inability to focus lately I've only been getting a couple paragraphs done at a time, so it's slow going. There are a few other new ideas I've been working on too but I'm not rushing into writing anything yet, I want to get detailed outlines done before I jump into anything again! And I know I said I was giving Prophecy a rest but I have actually been thinking about what is going to happen next and I'm looking forward to writing it... :-) Soon I will have the entire first book outlined and I can't wait to be at that point! I'm exciting to have a FULL draft IN MY HANDS and ready to be totally gutted. Then, turned into a manuscript and sent off, but not before my 2nd and 3rd books have been outlined! I have such high hopes for myself, I WILL make it happen.

And on that note, goodnight everyone =)

Friday, July 16, 2010

A Word Over

So I hit a fork in my literary road earlier and the directions were as follows:

  1. Continue down the path I've thus far paved for myself; working on my trilogy that may or may not be too involved and difficult for me as a writer right now...
  2. Accept my need for growth before undertaking a story of that multitude and starting with an idea that is just plain easier. Simple. Close to home.
My ideas up to now have been amazing and I've really enjoyed working with them but I think what I should focus on right now is simply being able to WRITE. I've been doing research on writing, publishing, etc etc and the obvious consensus is that the writer gets better by WRITING. (I mean of course, right?)

If an idea I have is truly fanfreakingtastic but I'm not able to write every day to get the story on paper then it's just not doing me any good, nor I it. There are a million ideas and stories I'm going to be expected to write some day and I need to be able to enjoy it and be at a writing level mentally and literarily where I CAN.

Sooo, having said all that crap, I am putting my trilogy on hold... I will still write when I get my bursts of inspiration for it but I'm going to put my sweat and blood into something else. I have a vague idea of what I'll do but I'm not totally sure yet. They say to "write what you know" so I think I'll write some kind of Teen Drama. (No, I know I'm not a teen but I was one. For many years.) While I feel that this is a step in the right direction I can't help but feel sadness for just tossing aside my Angel, even though I know it's not the end!
Wish me luck, folks!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Autographed copy from Gena Showalter!


During the chat tonight with Gena Showalter, Lorie O'Clare and Cherry Adair there were a series of trivia questions and I actually got one! I am receiving an autographed copy of one of Gena's novels! And you know what, I can't even remember which one but I don't even care! I am so thrilled I was screaming when they told me I got it lol. I got a bit star struck chatting with them ALL, each of them I was able to speak to one-on-one. A very awesome and fun experience. I hope some day people are lining up to chat with me about my work, too!

Hooray me! Thanks to everyone involved, I am truly thankful! I can't wait to get my copy and share about it with everyone here =)

(Gena's blog post from earlier about the schedule chat is here.)

Trilogy Outline

Last night I made true progress with the writing process and I'm SO very happy about it!

I finished the skeletal draft of the Prophecy itself and in turn created the base for a trilogy. I had originally set out to write a set of three books but later changed my mind and replaced the idea with just one long book. I am definitely decided on three again and it's going to be so exciting to see them unfold! Each book is going to focus on the next step in the Prophecy and I have the general picture down so now it's just a matter of working out all the plot-holes and snags.

Just for fun I wanted to share a nifty new tool I picked up last week. When I get random ideas for plot twists or character development or whatnot I write it in this handy little idex card booklet thing. It's been great to me so far and it's a cute little idea so I thought I'd share!

Here's a couple cell phone pics in case anyone wants to pick this up. I got it from Office Depot but I could not find it on the website. It was inexpensive and truly beneficial! I think it's also a "green" item, composed partially of recycled materials. I *think.*

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Excerpt # 2 - "Remnants"

This scene is following Dallan through his emotions when the trio head back to the home of "Dallan and Maya Cruz" after it's been destroyed. And I'm having formatting issues so forgive me if things look weird on here.

Reaching the ruins of their house was not without hard feelings. They got out of the car and the two women maneuvered their way under the yellow caution tape and up to the front door that was hanging on by a thread. Dallan stood next to his driver's side door and could only bring himself to stare. He recognized, - no, remembered, - his half-a-quarter-acre front lawn, which he'd seeded last summer, and the hand-laid brick walkway leading up to the porch. He followed it, every step a stabbing pain in his heart. Although he knew it to be true he just couldn't swallow being able to remember what never really was. He made it as far as the swinging bench on the porch which had inexplicably been the only thing untouched by the blast. He sat down as he'd done many times before, only this time realizing it was actually his first. Using his senses to really take in the experience he felt the weathered piece of pine under his fingertips, running them along the length of the armrest. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath, letting the mixed smell of sulfur and burnt wood fill his nose. He wondered to whom this house belonged nine weeks ago, and who sat in this bench before him today. It would have given him a peaceful and content feeling to be sitting there just a day ago; if he didn't have to now live with the knowledge that he as a person didn't exist and he'd done something terrible to deserve it. The sound of footsteps was getting louder and disrupted his wallowing. He looked up to see Elina looking caringly down toward him.

She leaned her body against the doorframe, possibly not the best idea considering, though it held her weight. He gave her a weak smile and she returned it with a bright, beautiful one.

"You okay?" she tried.

"I will be." He said, not wanting to bring her down but still unwilling to lie.

"This must feel like torture to you. I wish there was something I could be doing to help." She fiddled with the lowest button on her shirt clearly anxious.

He deepened his gaze with her, hoping to reach her soul with his words so that once and for all she wouldn’t feel sorry for him. He didn’t deserve it from her.

"This isn't your responsibility, Elina, but know that I appreciate the sentiment. You should also know that any torment I feel about my nonexistent past is overshadowed by the misery of bringing you into this."

There wasn't any time for her to reply. Breaking the stare between them Maya burst outside.

"Okay folks, we're done here." She said, toting with her two decently sizable bags. "Let’s hurry and stop at Elina's so we can get back on the road. We'll also need gas before too long." She was full of haste and didn't even stop walking as she spoke. Dallan wanted to take one last look at the heap of what "used to" be his but he couldn’t bring himself to look back.

ELINA FOLLOWED DALLAN AND MAYA BACK TO THE CAR. Soon she would have to say goodbye to her cozy apartment that she'd only inhabited a few months, perhaps forever. She did her best to push the thought of never returning to her life out of her head and she couldn’t help but feel selfish in comparison to how Dallan was feeling. At least she didn’t have to go through the trauma of learning something so drastic and horrific about herself.

Hoping it would give her the necessary distraction she rolled down her window and closed her eyes into the breeze. She was momentarily reminded of the dream she had back at the motel. The sweet wind caressed her face just as the cloud mist had not six hours ago, and before she could fight it she had fallen asleep and been placed right back into where her dream had left off.

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Milestone - I broke 10,000 words!

More than that, I broke 11,000! I have felt so proud of myself for getting all of this writing done, for days it was all consuming and I couldn't be bothered with anything else! (My poor kids and hubby, hehe.)

I took a break and read a really great romance novel (see previous post) and I was worried that it would overpower my brain and distract me but it's actually made me feel more capable of everything, more confident too. I haven't actually tried to sit down and write since I finished it yesterday but I have high hopes for it though! We'll find out. =)

GENA SHOWALTER - New favorite author

I was at Barnes and Noble the other day, strolled through the romance section and started looking. Normally how I pick one out is just check out the covers, grab one and read the back, if it sounds like something I'd like I grab it. Well I saw a whole section on a shelf full of these books that are from a series called the Lords of the Underworld, and one in particular caught my attention... "The Darkest Passion." I got this one and not "The Darkest Lie," or a different one, because of the fallen angel character! It reminded me of working on my own novel and just snatched it right up, eager to read.

I adored the wit and the writing style, which at first seemed to be, unorthodox, though I learned it to just be personal. It was easier to relate and really easy to read through, I just ate the thing up! Needless to say, I fell in love with her hero. Aeron, is AMAZING. I read the entire thing overnight and the two hours of sleep I got was WELL worth it.

Well I started Googling today and looking through her other novels and came across her Blogspot! How exciting! She's promoting her new book, "The Bodyguard" and I'm adding to it! (The contest has nothing to do it with it, truly! ;) *That one is for you, Gena!*)

Purchase the book "The Bodyguard" here.

And visit Gena here.

Oh and wish me luck in winning that autographed copy! ;-)

Also, there's a fun little Lords of the Underworld quiz I took and... I TOTALLY GOT AERON!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Excerpt # 1 - Dream Sequence

Here is the first excerpt, it's a dream sequence my sub-main character has just after the plot takes off. The three of them have found refuge for the night at a motel down the highway, and Elina has a dream. This is when she finds out she is having prophetic dreams and learns what Dallan's real name is; his Angel name. (It's been taken out, sorry that is a huge deal!) It also marks the official start of their intimate relationship. (And yes, the formatting is on purpose.)


Hordes of demons made their way up the stairwell to the rooftop where I stood powerless to defend myself. I stared at the roof door waiting for it to burst open and panicked, sure that I was soon to meet my Maker when something appeared. Swooping down from the Heavens to my rescue, it was him. It was as if he had picked up on some kind of divine beacon that I was in trouble and knew exactly where I needed him. I bound into his strong embrace and rejoiced in the fact that he came for me and I was safe. His massive outreaching wings seemed to tell those demons to back off and they hissed and hurdled around wildly before they ebbed back to where they came from. By time I realized I had no reason to be scared anymore we were in the air miles above the chaos of what almost was my death. Into silver clouds we soared and I could feel the delicate mist kiss my skin as we went. We went on for miles, over mountain ranges and great bodies of water and Mother Nature left me speechless.

After a while the Grand Canyon came into view and we slowly started to descend. Even from this high up the view tingled my senses. We came in for a landing and my legs gave way out from under me, causing me to hit the red dirt with a hard THUD. It was a little embarrassing I knew it didn’t matter after what just happened.

“That was such a natural high!” He reached out to help me to my feet and I caught a smile on his face. His perfect face. Our hands touching was magic and his skin felt like warm milk and honey – smooth and comforting. I stood up still very weakly, kept held of his hand and looked up into his eyes. They were a turquoise blue so incredible I could see the Heavens behind them.

“Are you alright?” He stared back into mine.

“Remarkably.” I songed, still swimming in his eyes. “How did you know where I was? How is it you knew to save me?” I didn’t even care what a stupid question that was at this point.

“I felt you. Your pulse beats fervently inside me, I will always know where to find you if you need me.”

I could hardly stand hearing his words for fear of ever losing them. I didn’t want to spend another second of life without my wondrous yet mysterious hero and didn’t know what to do or say to make him stay, and I had a feeling he would resist.

“Who are you?” I held on tighter to him praying to never let go.

“I’m ___________.”

His name was as beautiful and special as he was. He leaned down as I stood up in order to meet him for a kiss. Our lips touched for only a second before I was violently pulled from him, plunging helplessly into the chasm below. I jerked in the air falling for what felt like hours with no world or __________ in sight when finally I appeared on my feet standing on a red cobblestone road. On either side were twisted barren trees that grew as high as my eyes could see. There appeared to be no sky or end to the trees at all and the road looked like it went on forever. I was shaking and grew increasingly scared and vulnerable when I started seeing a dark figure coming towards me on the road. As it got closer I saw at least a dozen massive black horses pulling a monstrous black carriage stampeding its way right for me. I dove off to the side of the road and hit…


Oh and just FYI, the beginning was an actual dream I had. Inspiration doesn't come better than when on the wings of a dream! ;-)

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For Starters

I've had a writing journal before and deleted it but I decided to give it another go. I don't really have any input for this first post, I never know what to say, but I'm here and I'm going to work on my journey!

Right now I have one main project I am working on so unless otherwise stated, that is what I will be posting. Here is a brief explanation for a basic understanding of my story:


Dallan is a Fallen Angel and a key player in a Prophecy the Devil is trying to fulfill in his favor. His memory was erased and he was sent to Earth to live in a false persona and is "married" to Maya whom turns out is a Demon and her true nature is unknown to him. In the beginning he befriends a woman named Elina who later he develops a closer relationship with. They don't know she also shares involvement with the Prophecy and has prophetic dreams. They are on the run and have to figure out exactly what the Prophecy entails so they can succeed in changing it.


And THIS is why I haven't done this before now, I hate writing any kind of synopsis and suck greatly at it. Hopefully I have given enough for you to at least not be ENTIRELY confused when reading my segments but it's hard to explain an involved story like this, there are so many twists and subplots going on.

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